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Freshwater Fishing Essentials

Freshwater Fishing Essentials

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A Folding Pocket Guide to Gear, Techniques & Useful Tips

Fishing is a great way to get more finely attuned to the seasonal changes in freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. Fish are also excellent indicators of the health of waterways and water bodies. Whether you are fishing casually or for sport, you will find it helpful to have this portable reference on hand. Within the 12 panels of this comprehensive resource is everything an angler needs to know, including essential equipment; fishing methods for different species; where to find fish on lakes and rivers; when to fish; the most common species of freshwater fishes and the hook size that applies to each one; and tips for landing, gutting, and filleting a fish. Laminated for durability in all conditions, this waterproof and lightweight folding pocket guide is an essential companion for educators, learners, and anglers of any experience level. 

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