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Day Hiking Essentials

Day Hiking Essentials

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A Folding Pocket Guide to Gear, Planning & Useful Tips

Part of the appeal of day hiking is that it can be done at any pace and at virtually any location, whether it be a suburban community or in the wilderness. Some see it as a riveting social experience with fellow hikers, while others prefer to travel solo. Regardless of your preference, a memorable day hike can draw you closer to the land and its attendant life forms and help alleviate stress. To help you plan your next day hike, we’ve produced this portable guide, which covers basics like choosing gear, packing for a hike, and navigating with a map and compass. There are also useful tips on watching wildlife, staying energized, what to do when you’re lost, and hiking with kids. For more in-depth information, see the overview of basic first aid, outdoor hazards, and hiking etiquette. Laminated for durability in all conditions, this lightweight, waterproof, 12-panel folding pocket guide is an easy-to-use companion for educators, learners, and hikers of all levels of experience

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