Fire Starting

Fire Starting

Step 1: Choose a Safe Location

  • Locate an area clear of flammable materials like dry grass, leaves, or overhanging branches.
  • Clear the ground within a 10-foot radius to create a safe zone.
  • Find a spot sheltered from wind to prevent the fire from spreading uncontrollably.

Step 2: Gather Firewood

  • Collect tinder, kindling, and firewood from the surroundings.
  • Tinder: Dry materials like small twigs, leaves, or paper that catch fire easily.
  • Kindling: Small sticks about the thickness of a pencil.
  • Firewood: Larger pieces, as thick as an adult's wrist, preferably dry.

Step 3: Build the Fire

  • Arrange the tinder in the center of your fire pit or chosen location.
  • Construct a teepee or cone shape with kindling over the tinder, allowing for airflow.
  • Surround the kindling with larger pieces of firewood in a log cabin or pyramid structure, ensuring proper ventilation.
  • Consider building a windbreak with rocks or logs if it's windy.

Step 4: Light the Fire

  • Ignite the tinder using matches or flint and steel to ignite the tinder by directing sparks onto it.
  • Encourage flame growth by blowing gently on the fire.
  • Gradually add more firewood once the tinder and kindling are burning steadily.

Step 5: Tend to the Fire

  • Monitor the fire closely, adding more wood as needed to maintain a steady flame.
  • Use a stick or fire poker to adjust burning logs and ensure even combustion.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby for quick extinguishing if necessary.

Step 6: Extinguish the Fire

  • Allow the fire to burn down to hot coals before extinguishing.
  • Pour water from the bucket over the flames, starting from the outside and moving inward.
  • Stir the ashes and embers to thoroughly douse any remaining heat.
  • Check for warmth in the ashes using the back of your hand.

Safety Tips

  • Maintain vigilance over the fire at all times.
  • Keep a safe distance to prevent burns.
  • Supervise children and pets near the fire.
  • Ensure complete extinguishment before leaving the area.
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