Waterford Press Guides

Waterford Press Guides

We’re committed to providing the highest quality survival products to help you prepare for what comes next. We now carry a series of highly rated emergency survival, hunting, and camping guides from Waterford Press. Waterford Press is known for their practical, easy-to-understand guides on a variety of essential topics. Not only are these guides useful to study now but they’re easy carry with you and use for reference even if libraries, Internet and home are lost. What these guides provide:

  • Emergency Survival: Learn how to find food, water, build shelters, navigate, signal for help, and provide first aid. Whether you’re new to hunting or experienced, these guides cover everything from tracking game to processing your catch, ensuring efficient hunting practices.
  • Camping: For outdoor enthusiasts, these guides provide tips on campsite selection, outdoor cooking, and safety protocols, making your camping experiences more enjoyable and secure.

Adding these guides to our product lineup enhances our goal of supporting your preparedness with both high-quality gear and the knowledge to use it effectively.

Just a few topics to get you started:

Edible Plants & Wilderness Survival

Tracking Animals

Improvised Hunting Weapons

Improvised Trapping


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