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NATO Gas Mask Filter

NATO Gas Mask Filter

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NATO Gas Mask Filter is a high-quality 40mm sealed standard filter, approved by U.S. NIOSH Labs under Approval # TC-8A-383A. It effectively purifies oxygen by circulating clean air through the filter, providing superior protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical agents. Connect it to a gas mask air supply unit for an even easier and safer breathing experience.


  • Compatible with the Israeli gas masks, and other chemical protective gear such as the Bardas or the Shmartaf to the M-15 and others.
  • Filters has been tested to comply with Military specifications.
  • Manufacturers state that this filter has been passed gas-life tests (cyanogens chloride, DMMP, chloropicrin, phosgene, HCN) on charcoal samples from each drum and on completed canisters sampled from each production lot.
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