Local Nuclear Attack

  1. Seek Shelter Immediately: Your best chance of survival after a nuclear blast is to get into a robust structure as quickly as possible. Avoid getting in a car, as vehicles offer little protection from fallout radiation.
  2. Stay Indoors and Stay Put: Once you’re in a shelter, stay there and avoid going outside. Thick walls and below-ground areas provide the best protection from fallout radiation.
  3. Listen to Emergency Broadcasts: Tune in to emergency broadcasts using a hand-cranked radio. Emergency providers will broadcast instructions, track the fallout cloud, and identify safe corridors for escape.
  4. Wait Before Venturing Outside: Gamma radiation levels decrease exponentially after a nuclear blast as radioactive isotopes decay. Waiting 12 to 24 hours before venturing outside can significantly reduce your exposure to harmful radiation.
  5. Consider Shelter Quality: If you’re in a flimsy shelter, consider moving to a stronger one or a basement for better protection.

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