Safe Water

  • Radioactive contamination affects drinking water. Use reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, or ion exchange for proper decontamination.
  • Invest in radiological filtration systems to remove radioactive isotopes, ensuring safe drinking water.

Radioprotective Agents

  • Baking soda, dietary pectin, and potassium iodide tablets reduce radiation risks to the thyroid, kidneys, and sensitive tissues. See ThryoSafe in our store.

How Radiation Is Measured

  • The Sievert measures biological risk, with most Geiger counters reporting exposure in millisieverts (mSv) or microsieverts (uSv).
  • Daily radiation levels are typically measured in uSv, while annual doses are measured in mSv.

Reading a Geiger Counter

  • Geiger counters show microsieverts per hour (uSv/Hr) and may also display total absorbition.
  • Limiting hourly radiation exposure to 5.7 uSv per hour is advisable.

Safe Radiation Levels

  • No more than 1 mSv per year is recommended (20 mSV for radiation workers).

MIRA products offer protection from radiation. Read more here.

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