Please consider the following when determining if the product is safe for children:

(1) This mask is not a toy, and children must be closely monitored while wearing the mask. DO NOT leave your child alone with the mask, or allow them to use it outside of adult supervision.
(2) Your child’s face must form a tight seal to the mask. If not, contaminants can get in and injure your child.

(3) Children can get claustrophobic while wearing a mask and try to remove it. It is vital to train with this mask and see how your children react in a safe environment under close observation.
(4) The legal guardian of the child takes all responsibility to get proper training on the use of this equipment. MIRA Safety, McDaniel Mill and other affiliates do not take responsibility for any misuse of this product.

Your child must have the lung capacity to breathe through the mask. It is crucial to try this on your child with a test filter to see if they can manage using a gas mask. If they have problems with the MD-1 mask, try adding the MB-80 powered air purifying respirator (PAPR).
For CM-3M: The small size will fit children as young as 1.5 years old, but that does not mean that a 1.5-year-old can effectively breathe through the mask. Once again, this goes back to lung capacity.

A gas mask filter/full-face respirator can only protect the soft tissues that it covers. For increased protection, we recommend a full-body covering (hazmat suit) including butyl rubber boots, gloves, and Chemtape to seal the gaps.