Prepare for Power Outages

A major EMP attack will knock out the power grid and we’ll no longer be able to have many of the comforts or necessities of modern life unless we have prepared in advance. One of the ways you can prepare is to protect important electronic devices and equipment from EMP with protective coverings that block out the dangerous magnetic pulses. It used to be that specially constructed hard boxes and cages were necessary but today special metallic clothes are used to create bags that look more like ordinary consumer backpacks, duffel bags and large cargo bags. You can find examples in our store.

Post EMP you will also need to be able to generate and store power. One way to do that is with solar panels and power generators. Find our article on solar power or shop for related items.

Solar Power

Solar generators are straightforward systems that convert solar energy into usable power. Here’s a simplified breakdown:


  1. Battery: Stores collected solar energy.
    • Types: Lithium-ion (long-lasting, efficient) or Lead-acid (less expensive).
  2. Charge Controller: Regulates solar panel charging to protect the battery.
  3. Inverter: Converts stored DC energy into AC power for appliances.

How It Works:

  1. Solar panels collect sunlight.
  2. Charge controller manages panel output, preventing overcharging.
  3. Energy is stored in the battery.
  4. Inverter converts stored energy to usable AC power.
  5. Appliances and devices are powered.

Advanced solar generators include features like circuit breakers to prevent electrical overload.

Solar generators offer several advantages over traditional gas generators:

  • Easier maintenance with fewer moving parts.
  • Lower noise pollution.
  • Indoor use without fumes.
  • Customizable setups for various needs.
  • Longer off-grid power with solar charging.

You can find portable solar power equipment in our store.