Prepare for Power Outages

Prepare for Power Outages

A major EMP attack will knock out the power grid and we’ll no longer be able to have many of the comforts or necessities of modern life unless we have prepared in advance.

We suggest that you have a plan known to all family members on what to do in the event of EMP attack. For example:

  • 1. Have an agreed meeting point where family members will come together.
  • 2. Each family member should have a physical map that clearly indicates where to meet.  
  • 3. Have flashlights, radios, batteries and other essential electronics stored in EMP shielded containers. It used to be that specially constructed hard boxes and cages were necessary but today special metallic clothes are used to create bags that look more like ordinary consumer backpacks, duffel bags and large cargo bags. You can find examples in our store.

if an EMP is the result of war it's possible there will be multiple EMP strikes over an extended period of time so don't be quick to pull all of your electronics out of EMP protection.

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