Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets

What would you do to handle waste if your town's fresh water stopped flowing? Or if you had to move away from urban areas with little warning? Yes, you could dig a hole or carry a bucket but there's a more civilized way that requires less work and is more sanitary.

A portable camping toilet that uses water operates similarly to a traditional toilet but in a compact, mobile form. These toilets provide a reliable and convenient sanitation solution, particularly in settings where cleanliness and comfort are priorities. The benefits of a water-based portable camping toilet include a more familiar and comfortable experience, improved hygiene with a flush system, and better odor control compared to dry alternatives. It's suitable for longer trips where regular maintenance is feasible. 


There's a seat, a water tank for flushing, and a waste holding tank. After using the toilet, a flush mechanism, usually a pump or a lever, is activated to rinse the bowl and direct the waste into the holding tank below.

The waste holding tank is equipped with a seal to prevent leaks and odors. Many models have a level indicator to show when the tank needs emptying. To empty, the holding tank is detached and the waste is disposed of at an appropriate facility, such as a campground waste station.

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