Gas Masks for Every Budget

Gas Masks for Every Budget

At McDaniel Mill, we provide a selection of quality gas masks. We started with high-end masks but we believe that every family should be protected so we have added more affordable surplus masks, which also adds the option to protect infants.

Military surplus gas masks were originally made for military use but are now available for civilian purchase. These masks, often replaced by more advanced models & so are no longer required by the military. Or in the case of our Israeli masks, all Israeli citizens were issued masks. 

These masks provide protection against harmful gasses, chemicals and particles. Most are rated for Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) environments. These masks have a full face cover and straps to secure the mask in place. When properly worn they prevent contaminated air from entering.

Military surplus gas masks can be effective in survival situations if they have been properly stored, are in good condition, fit well, and use the correct filter. However, these masks are typically sold "as-is," meaning we do not test or certify their performance. Many surplus masks available are from the 90s, and the rubber components can deteriorate over time.

You will find surplus items in the Surplus & Clearance collection.


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