Authorized MIRA Dealer

MIRA products are the highest-quality gas masks, PAPR systems, protective coveralls, and hazard detection equipment on the market. Now as an authorized dealer of MIRA Safety products, we continue our focus on delivering top quality emergency products. CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear) protective equipment such as gas masks, filters and suits and are essential for you & your family to have maximum preparedness.

MIRA Safety is trusted by professionals all over the world: military forces, emergency response teams, law enforcement and preppers of all types. MIRA is used by The United States Department of Defense, Czech Republic Ministry of Defense, Turkmenistan Ministry of Defense, Turkey Ministry of Interior, South Africa Ministry of Interior, Romania Ministry of Defense, Portugal Ministry of Interior, Lithuania Ministry of Interior, Latvia Ministry of Interior and Ukraine Ministry of Defense.

Browse the MIRA section of our store — and we will meet or beat any price you find elsewhere. Feel free to call or write to request price matching if you find a better price elsewhere.

How Will You Survive?

There’s a wider range of clear & present threats today than at any point in our history. Bio weapons, nuclear war, EMP attacks, political upheaval and the usual natural disasters (floods, hurricanes and so on). It’s little wonder that more and more people are preparing for emergencies for peace of mind. But it’s best to have high quality emergency supplies that will actually benefit you & your family when you need them most. At McDaniel Mill we have made it our mission to provide a selection of top quality items we feel will be most useful for a variety of apocalyptic level events.

Gear in our Store — Equip yourself with the essential gear for surviving and recovering from various disasters. You’ll find the most advanced suits and masks capable of protecting you from nuclear, biological and chemical hazards. You’ll also find bags that protect electronic devices from EMP. Without such protection your electronic devices (including modern flashlights) will be rendered useless by an EMP attack.

Power in our store — Stay powered up even during emergencies with solutions for managing power disruptions with equipment from.

Prepare for Power Outages

A major EMP attack will knock out the power grid and we’ll no longer be able to have many of the comforts or necessities of modern life unless we have prepared in advance. One of the ways you can prepare is to protect important electronic devices and equipment from EMP with protective coverings that block out the dangerous magnetic pulses. It used to be that specially constructed hard boxes and cages were necessary but today special metallic clothes are used to create bags that look more like ordinary consumer backpacks, duffel bags and large cargo bags. You can find examples in our store.

Post EMP you will also need to be able to generate and store power. One way to do that is with solar panels and power generators. Find our article on solar power or shop for related items.